Welcome to QuickFolders!Monday February 19th 2018


QuickFolders uses Bugzilla to maintain information on all bugs. It is relatively easy to submit a bug report or upload screen shots, you will have to create a free account with bugzilla to do this. As with a lot of the Software under the Mozilla development envelope this is also a very community driven experience, the more people contribute the better and more efficient work on future versions of QuickFolders will be.

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Make sure to visit our YouTube channel with tips and tricks such has how to get started with Addons.

Latest bugs filed for QuickFolders

Bug #Description
26482 Customised Folder Icons in TB disrupt Quickfolders tabs
26481 Reading List: click on bookmarked mail should switch to already open mail Tab
26475 Navigation Button to skip unread folder
26474 "Tab-Specific Properties ..." Add Option to apply mail settings to subfolders
26473 Toolbar button to create subfolder
26471 autocreate Folder by sender
26470 Support Postbox 5.52 (new platform)
26464 Color tab based on folder contents
26455 Cannot paste folder tabs in Postbox
26454 QF 4.8: Pro License screen - account dropdown not populated

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