Welcome to QuickFolders!Sunday September 24th 2017


QuickFolders uses Bugzilla to maintain information on all bugs. It is relatively easy to submit a bug report or upload screen shots, you will have to create a free account with bugzilla to do this. As with a lot of the Software under the Mozilla development envelope this is also a very community driven experience, the more people contribute the better and more efficient work on future versions of QuickFolders will be.

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Latest bugs filed for QuickFolders

Bug #Description
26412 Add compatability with torbirdy
26409 quickMove - create new subfolder not working in empty parent
26400 Want to have tabs appear at the bottom of the window
26399 Feature Request
26398 Feature request: archiving in more than one folder
26389 Single Mail Tab: clicking the current folder on Toolbar should open it
26387 'Color is null' error on opening any QF option window
26372 After entering License Key Tabs are not displayed anymore
26362 Collaborate with the AddOn 'Theme Font Size Changer'
26361 No Tags by hand anymore

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